Monday, March 24, 2014


I love the way the unfolding apple blossoms are fuzzy, especially when seen from behind. I also love that I have finally found out how to make the photos larger (too large?) on this blog. It's been a long day, the day we finally took the old dog on her last car ride. Here she is this morning in the garden, just before we left. The whole thing was very gentle and peaceful, although I wanted to run away at the last minute. I still have her blue collar in my purse.

Although I have loved the poems of Michael Palmer for a long time, I don't think I have ever used one on my blog. I only heard him read once (many years ago) and I was struck by his ability to hold the attention of the audience with his bodily movements as well as with his voice. As you can see from the Wikipedia article, he has a long history of collaboration, particularly with dancers, as well as with artists and other creative people. I just got a copy of his Company of Moths, New Directions, 2005. This poem is on page 28.


The perfect half-moon 
of lies in the capital

Crooks and fools in power what's new
and our search has begun for signs of spring

Maybe those two bluebirds
flashing past the hawthorn yesterday

Against that, the jangle of a spoon in a cup
and a child on this day swept out to sea

*Michael Palmer*

Four capital letters, one for each stanza, one comma, and one apostrophe. Eight short lines.
A poem for spring, yet not sentimental. And a surprisingly terrifying ending. Good night.

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