Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waiting out the winter

Somewhere these guys are making it through the winter somehow. I'm hoping to see ducklings in the spring. So far, I have only seen mallard ducklings; these wood ducks seem to be a little more private with their children, alongside the Little Union Canal.

Tonight another trip back in time to the ancient Chinese poets:

Standing Alone

A bird of prey above the sky
and two white gulls over the river
gliding on wind. A good time to attack,
while they roam about relaxed.
The grasses are all balled with dew
and the spiderweb is not yet closed.
Heaven's secret plan is like human designs
I stand alone with a thousand worries.

Du Fu, in The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry;
edited by Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping, 2005, page 136.

Look about: can you see the dew on the grass? How many different birds have you seen this week?

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