Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good Samaritans on Wheels

Late this afternoon, we ran some errands and stopped on the way back for some of that Round Cherry Loaf at the Crooked Tree Breadworks on Hwy 119 outside Petoskey, in Northern Michigan. I got two loaves and an Olive Rosemary Loaf and brought them out and put them in the back of the Bronco. Then I tripped over the trailer hitch on the back of my own car and hit the ground with both knees and one hand. For some reason, a flap of skin peeled back on my middle finger, left hand. It made quite a spectacular amount of blood for such a small injury. The pictured bicyclists came rushing over, helped me up, exclaimed at the blood, and broke out their first aid supplies. They had a cooling antiseptic wipe for the blood and a double-sized adhesive bandage for the wound, And they were SO NICE and SO SYMPATHETIC! They made me feel better right away. The man in front volunteered to take the trailer hitch off the car and did so! What a help!
I forgot to get their names and almost let them get away without a picture before I thought of it. "You're on Facebook tonight!" I told them then. And here they are, with many, many thanks. My knees seem to be OK, thankfully. Tomorrow I will refresh the first aid supplies in my car; you should, too! Then write some haiku!

helped after a fall
by strangers on bicycles--
high white autumn cloud           JHH

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