Sunday, August 17, 2014

Those tiny thistle seeds

I was looking to see if I could find a haiku about Thistle Seeds because I love the way the seeds line up against the clear plastic of the thistle feeder. Often I see things in a photo that I hadn't noticed in real life! I am not a big fan of the artistic merit of these yellow plastic flowers, but they seem to do the trick. I caught these Goldfinch beauties yesterday with the 21x lens of the Samsung that is like a white phone but without the phoning. Even then I had to crop. I am having to refill the feeder about twice a week, but the finch come only two or three birds at a time.

Held up to the sky, A handful of thistle seeds – Cast into the wind.

Imagine taking the first name Basho!

And below is one by the outstanding haiku poet, Santoka that I copied from the World Kigo Database, including the Japanese, the Romaji and an explanation of the language which features striking alliteration.:

あざみ あざやかな あさの あめあがり

azayaka na
asa no
ame agari

The English does not convey the alliteration of the Japanese, just the meaning.

so bright
rain ends

Taneda Santoka 山頭火

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