Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monarch in the roadway

Today we took Cassie for a walk and she did what dogs usually do on walks and we passed on by. On the way back down the road, this! My first monarch of the season. And, truly they do like dung; the internet confirms it. They stick their little drinking straw right in and dine on the nutritious moisture! Look it up yourself if you doubt me. I thought I might never see a monarch again! Mostly, this one kept its wings folded, drinking busily, so it was tough to get a decent spread-winged picture. Well met, oh lovely remnant of so much vanishing wildlife. . .       

I have just opened my volume of Canadian poet Roo Borson's poetry. It is called Rain, road, an open boat; poems, and I am loving it! I found her work earlier when I used her poem in this earlier post.  Many of the poems in this book are prose poems, or have prose sections.

Here are some, from a large group titled Late Sunshine:

Having been told at different times in my life that I am gifted, stupid, beautiful, homely, have perfect pitch and a tin ear, I've now begun to wonder on what grounds anyone's opinions can be taken seriously. But then this is the opinion of a person who is gifted, stupid, beautiful, homely with perfect pitch and a tin ear.

There should be a plant whose common name is False Patience. And another called False Promise. Maybe the most delicate-structured of the thus-far unnamed common plants, one with feathery fronds and tiny yellow flowers, should be called False Premise. How beautiful it would be, now that spring is here, to walk through a meadow rife with False Start.
Oh, to be able to fill a notebook with delicate, fresh observations like these! Good night, and may you see another butterfly before summer is gone. I hope I can, too! 

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