Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Woodpecker Zone

Through the kitchen window one can barely see this Pileated Woodpecker; event of the day!
This is a tiny slice from an iPhone photo, the only one before he flew. 
I looked up because I heard that pileated woodpecker call.

All day I have been thinking about haiku, since I am editing 
this year's anthology for my Yuki Teikei Haiku Society.

And the one I want to share with you tonight
(as I remember it)

to the other side
I try to cast a pebble--
spring melancholy

Mr Tokutomi had lost a great deal of strength owing to his long bout with tuberculosis. 
He never lifted his arms high. This poem says a great deal about living with that limitation 
(or any limitation) in the classic 5-7-5 syllable form.

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