Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Buck-Filled Morning

No does, no fawns this morning, just six bucks, munching their way across the meadow. 
I had never seen the like. They weren't close enough together that I could get a group portrait. 
The rest were younger than this guy. I think I got his portrait a week or two ago, when his antlers were still in velvet. I remember reading about this process as a child (is it in Bambi?) how a buck had to rip the velvet off by rubbing it against trees. You can see from this photo what a violent process it must be, and long, and bloody.

Here is one of the younger bucks. In almost every picture I took of him, his tail is active.
I like the small sprinkle of white blossoms in this photo.


You ask why I've settled in
these emerald mountains,
and so I smile, mind at ease of 
itself, and say nothing.

Peach      blossoms     drift
streamwater away deep in mystery:
it's another heaven and earth,
nowhere among people.

Li Bai (Li Po) translated by David Hinton.

Here is another of those quietly lovely ancient Chinese poems, 
suitable for all nature-filled occasions. And so goodnight.

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