Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have been seeing quite a few turkey families lately. Most of the young of the year are teenagers, quite adult looking, feathered out, and nearly as tall as the attendant parents. But today in light rain, this mother brought her nine poults foraging back and forth across our meadow.  These poults were quite small. She was takng good care of them; we wondered, though, if they would be able to get the bulk they will need before winter. This is the largest hatch I have ever seen. It was lovely to watch them; they move about freely, yet together.

Here they all are; one had to look closely to see the two at the left and the moving one at the right. This is the only group shot that is at all sharp.

This shows what they looked like somewhat more clearly. 

Just a bit earlier, this handsome fellow was back. He has polished his antlers!


Cathedral of my enchantments, autumn wind, I grew old giving      thanks.

This one-sentence poem appears on page 650 of Milosz's New and Collected Poems: 1931-2001.
I want to write something on this model. 
Something that doesn't need anything else.

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