Sunday, September 07, 2014

Headlights on the Grass

What I was trying to get through the windshield was the black cloud, and then I saw how the headlights lit the late summer drying grasses by our two-track.

Then we got home and the house was glowing at us, 
because we leave the light on so we can get in safely.

We had driven all the way to Indian River for one of those Mediterranian pizzas with marinated artichoke hearts, a specialty of Vivio's. On the way we passed this colorful symphony at Ginop's the Tractor store.

But even though the "summer people" have gone home, there are enough residents left on Saturday night that we might have to wait an hour at Vivio's-- the whole outdoor eating area was full of the waiting people, just gabbling and waiting, nothing to drink, nothing to eat.
I didn't seeany vacant chairs, either/ Sigh. We drove away.

Then down by the Surgeon River we saw this sign:

And pulled into the parking lot on the steep back above the river, and had a nice meal with an old-fashioned soup and salad bar.and a glass of wine.

And when we came out, the moon was rising above the pines.

The End

Today has been insanely busy, but I did find some good things to write about tomorrow. This post has been brought to you courtesy of iPhone photogaphy. Good Night!

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