Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feathery antennae

I thought it was a crumpled scrap of white paper underneath a chair in the bedroom. Instead of just vacuuming it up, I picked it up to see what it was, Then I very, very carefully carried it into the studio where I laid it on one of Dad's rock slices and took a picture with my iPhone. I cannot give you the species of the moth, nor the classification of the mineral, but the combination is good! I think I understood from what I looked up that male moths have feathery antennae to smell with, probably smelling for females! But maybe I didn't get that right. I do know, though, that if I hadn't taken a picture (this is an enlarged crop) I wouldn't have been able to SEE the featheriness 
with my naked eye. And could that be its brown, bulbous eye?

how still the white moth lying where it fell

June Hopper Hymas

I have just finished the first week of my Buson 100, writing ten haiku a day for 100 days.
I'm a little short now, because I skipped a day, but already I am learning quite a bit. I am revising the previous haiku each day as I go along, but I am not sure I will do this all the way. The haiku above is written in a one-line form, and is one of the haiku from this project.


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