Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earthbound Farm$ $urpri$e!

 It started out as a pretty ordinarily dull day with a visit to the excellent Dr. Williams 
to take out the single tiny stitch from S's cataract operation one week ago. 
Then it got better with a visit to Baja Fresh for a cheese quesadilla  
and a Grilled Shrimp Chile Lime Salad. And some Guacamole, of course.
Just before we got home, S suggested we make an unscheduled stop 
at Albertson's for some sourdough bread.
The huge display of hanging flower baskets on the way in was irresistible, 
but I did resist. Inside the store, I passed the rows of luxury items and selected 
cheese balls, avocados, big ripe tomatoes, raspberries in a tiny plastic box, corn on the cob, 
vegetable sushi, cashews. I didn't buy everything I noticed; I did curb myself some. 
Then I asked the price ($24.95) and went back outside and selected a huge hanging basket.
Meanwhile, S was on one of those riding carts getting orange juice and soy milk 
and his favorite sliced havarti cheese. Back inside, when I still couldn't find him 
I noticed a pot of red and yellow tulips in bloom. While I was fitting them into my basket,
another shopper asked me what this white-flowered plant was. 
The tag read Starburst Hydrangea
I had never seen one and bought it. Very pretty.
Just as we got to the checkstand, a young woman and a smiling fellow intercepted us
and told us that we had been selected for an Earthbound Farms promotion:
What would we think, they asked, if we said we would like to pay for your groceries?
We would be slightly embarrassed, but we would let them. 
They added their Earthbound Farms Spring Mix  and Baby Spinach, 
and the nice reusable shopping bag that appears in the photo above 
with the Starburst Hydrangea and the Spring Mix.
The bill was a little over $165. Some sourdough bread stop!
I am still a little embarrassed, but smiling.
I promised I'd put them on Facebook!

EarthBound Farms is an organic outfit; I wish we had 
more of these. And, they have made a friend for life
And here is the Starburst Hydrangea. looking from above.
Tomorrow I'll probably show you the tulips.

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