Thursday, April 02, 2015

First Child, 1956

Our baby daughter is about three weeks old. It's the late spring of 1956, and we are living in Lawton, Oklahoma, while S does his tour of duty in the U. S. Army. K is not happy even though she is wearing the dress my grandmother and my mother were christened in. I have rebuilt the body of this dress with new batiste, using the tired fabric as a pattern and putting back the embroidered panel and the many tiny peral buttons down the back.  I think this is the Sunday we took K to church for her blessing. It's the back of our landlady's house; we live in a tiny rental unit on the other side of her back yard. I am able to take this picture because my mother has sent me two or three rolls of film. She knew we had almost no money. She also shipped my baby sister's junior-sized crib, which just fitted into the corner of our living room, where Scott and I slept on a bed that unfolded from the couch. She sent lots of six-year-old baby clothes that had belong to my baby sister as well as a Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt that 15-year old Susan used to use. 

That's tonight's memory thread!

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