Monday, April 27, 2015

The Footsteps of Morning

Thinking about dawn tonight; I have many more photos of sunsets because I usually sleep late.
This was years ago as the sun come up over Lake Michigan at the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
I need to check out the dawn here at the Little Union Canal.

I have been looking again into Poet's Choice; poems for everyday life, 
selected and annotated by Robert Hass, Ecco, 1998.
Which led me to the transcriptions by Frances Densmore of Chippewa songs.
This one on page 100 is a current favorite.


The magpie! The magpie! Here underneath
in the white of his wings are the footsteps of morning.
It dawns! It dawns!

Frances Densmore also made notations of the music of these Native American songs. 
I wish I could hear them.

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