Thursday, October 08, 2015

Not all pumpkins are orange

Seen yesterday at Capitola Produce. Unaltered digital photo.


Did he describe the blue stripe again
unelected governor?
And from trees to hospitals, one story
perfectly formed suddenly entered into eternal rest.

They won't have any additional
waves around the hotel,
who won't have been here long enough
because somebody got the idea,
nor would a duck deal with holiday baking and the like.

John Ashbery              THE PARIS REVIEW  208, page 132.          (born July 28, 1927)

 Not all pumpkins are orange; not all poems are useful or even very interesting, except for the wonderment factor. But now you can try to write new poems. My suggested titles are:

The Blue Stripe
Holiday Baking and the Like
A Duck Deal
Additional Waves
One Story Perfectly Formed
Long Enough

I will try this. Send me your poems if you do.

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