Saturday, October 24, 2015

Red in Red and Lucifer

Here is another slice of our visit to the Anderson Collection 
in the new building at Stanford University.
Shown are "Red In Red" by Sam Francis and "Lucifer" by Jackson Pollock.
I saw so many paintings by famous names
it quite made me giddy. I am afraid I still prefer Van Gogh, Cezanne . . .
But I did like the way the red in this priestly robe blended
with the reds in the San Francis painting.
And then there is the idea of Lucifer and red . . . . .


The beautiful is fair and the just is fair.
Yet one is commonplace and one is rare,
One everywhere, one scarcely anywhere.

So fair unfair a world. Had we the wit
To use the surplus for the deficit.
We'd make a fairer world of it.

Robert Francis

The Voice That Is Great Within Us; 
American Poetry of the Twentieth Century
edited by Hayden Carruth, Bantam, 1970, pages 235.


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