Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Writer's Cat

The people with whom I went to a wonderful party this afternoon weren't bad looking, 
but the cat was spectacular! This was a rescue cat which had taken quite a while to settle in--
used to spend most of the day (except mealtimes) under the porch--
not fitting in.

     "Writers know this when they are writing daily. With the first stroke, the hand may swim, the pen glide. The cool glass of the window brightens; the rug has a biography. Sweet tension of silent meeting throbs in the room. Unsaid words grow powerful, wish to speak out. Ideas gather their bones and rise up. A face becomes a life, a place a story. Everything speaks, or is powered by silence Everything dreams aloud. The pen grow numb with haste, or calm with plenty.
     Yes. there will be labor, and hours with sweat dripping off the elbows. Yes, the words will have to be tuned--but the pen! Already shouting, poised and happy."  

Kim Stafford (born 1949)

The Muses Among Us: 
eloquent listening and other pleasures of the writing life, University of Georgia Press, 2012, Kindle location 100.

I am gearing myself up for a writing project I have promised to do. This is part of that project; the kind of nourishment I got this afternoon with the creative people I was with will help. And the cat was spectacular! What projects will you be working on. Projects I start, or recommit to, at the beginning of the year have often been the most successful for me. What works for you??

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