Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Night in the Neighborhood

This pollarded olive tree has been the standout in the neighborhood for many, many years.
It always emphasizes the shape of the tree, but the detail varies from year to year.

Across the street, edging the house and emphasising the tree.

Using the app Waterlogue on the photo, interestingly makes it glow.

This was harder to photograph because of the amount of blue light, 
from the small, heavily decorated tree.
I was trying to get the crescent moon (see it?) in the same shot. 
I was asking too much of my iPhone.
Don't we all? Ask too much?


Now the seasons are closing their files
on each of us, the heavy drawers
full of certificates rolling back
into the tree trunks, a few old papers
falling away. Someone we loved 
has fallen from our thoughts,
making a little glittering splash
like a bicycle pushed by a breeze.
Otherwise, not much has happened;
we fell in love again, finding
that one red feather in the wind.

Ted Kooser              (born 1939)

Sure Signs; new and collected poems, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013, Kindle location 903.

It was the "little glittering splash" that got me. That and a red feather for Mary-Marcia.

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  1. Mis mejores deseos para estas Navidades, para ti, tu familia y amigos.

    Un saludo desde Salamanca.