Saturday, December 12, 2015

Writing, not writing . . .

Often, when testing a new camera, ot getting out a camera to take it somewhere  
with the intent to take pictures, I take a shot like this to test or begin a newly formatted
storage card.  When working with the photo files, 
it makes it easy when a new sequence is begun.
I could delete them later, but by then they have become part of the record. . . 
This is one such picture, taken last April, when I was trying once again to organize 
the table or desk space so I can write, work on haiku or poetry 
and revisions and sketch or paint little watercolors.
I really have too many hobbies and it is probably not wise
to start to make plans about deep change this late at night,
but I was reminded by this post of the poet Molly Fisk,
(whose writings and Facebook posts are my current favorites)
that reassessments are still necessary, however much
one tries to avoid them. I've already got a lot
of things to do that will keep me from sketching tomorrow. . .

I haven't posted a link to someone else's blog before. 
This is a first for me. If you don't know Molly, it makes
a fine introduction to her thoughtfulness. And now to bed,
after a long day without any sketching and very little writing in it!
Here's to tomorrow! Click the link right below!

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