Monday, December 12, 2016

Circular Ideas

Someone I love likes to decorate! I've been fond of her
Christmas smirker!


The anxiety of spring will come
and the birds build nests
out of circular ideas.

Slender of means, sparing of words,
the rain will fall.

The sun will shine and make things certain.

These things will remain a mystery.

Next no contra from anywhere
and the air be seriously entangled.

Mary Ruefle  

Tristimania, Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2004, page 29. (Ruefle's eighth book of poems.)

I was reminded today of one of my favorites, Mary Ruefle, when the Paris Review posted a link to their interview of her on Facebook. 

I have posted many of her short pieces on this blog.   Click the link above to see them.

Your task: write a poem of nine lines in one,
two and three-line stanzas. Express a philosophy based on ruminations about the natural world and its interface with our world. Or something. . .
Go ahead, try!

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