Saturday, December 24, 2016

Feeding Cracked Corn

More snow overnight, of the kind that sticks to the trunks of trees.
My American Wigeons are back and this morning (feed me!)
I had three pairs! Too many mallards to count and 
this years record group of 
American Wood Duck.

I just looked up wigeons and found that 80% 
of their diet is grass leaves. 
But as grass is now covered in snow, they will
eagerly gobble my cracked corn.
The males have a white stripe on the head
that runs back from the bill. You can see part of it
on the two males in this photo,
but it would show more clearly if they were facing you.
As a result of this stripe, they used to be called
Bald Pates, and some hunters still use this term.

Christmas Eve morning
in the fresh snow
ducks wait to be fed


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