Friday, December 09, 2016

Evening Wind

Again, there was a lot of snow overnight. But by late afternoon, 
when most of the neighbors had shoveled their sidewalks,
I put on my boots and the lavendar-striped socks
my daughter knitted for me
and took the small dog for a walk.
He was thrilled! And went charging through 
and scattering small drifts and dancing in the clear air!
We were almost home when a mighty flock of geese filled
the air with their cries. This is the last of several waves;
I had to start up the phone and hold the leash
at the same time,

The light wasn't good, 
but the sound was terrific. jhh

yûkaze ya furimuku tabi ni kari no naku

evening wind--
the geese turn around


This haiku was found on David Lanoue's
wonderful website:
where he has posted a searchable
archive of more than 1000 haiku
by Issa with his own translations.

Your task, take a walk, write 17 syllables
or less about something you find,
and put it in the comments 
on this blog.  jhh

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