Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Enter the Fairy Tale

It's been three years, and more, since this mother 
and two young Sandhill Cranes came down
into my Michigan meadow. Looking at the pictures now, 
it is as if I had entered a fairy tale.
I particularly love the spiky foliage on the edges of the wood.

Tonight I want to share this quote
which Fleda Brown uses as an epigraph
to Section II of her fine book of poems:
No Need of Sympathy,
BOA Editions, 2013.

Art. by its very existence
undoes the idea that there
can only be one description
of the real, some single
and simple truth
on whose surface
we may thoughtlessly walk.

Jane Hirschfield

Your task:
when you have written a poem
think about your art:
are you describing
or searching?  

And keep a little notebook of possible epigraphs;
as I have shown in other posts, one can
use up to three at a time!  jhh

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