Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beginning of autumn

Beginning of autumn
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The last three nights have been splendid moon nights! This is the view from the porch the day I came back from California. Overcast somewhat, but with shafts of bright sun that made the trees glow. This morning when I got up there was a small deer grazing right about where the light tan streak is in the photograph. Tonight, a young coyote strolled nonchalantly in the very foreground. He looked quite young and healthy. He was pale tan in color. He walked in that sort of tippy-toe way they have, staring ahead, jumping up slightly, starting and stopping. Trey says they are looking for rodents.
We went to the Northwoods for dinner to celebrate his visit and his brother's birthday. And to look at their father's wood sculpture, which is above the windows all around the dining room. He made these in the last year of his life more than fifteen years ago.

waters of autumn--
how quickly the time has gone
since he died so young

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