Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Now November begins

Faux graveyard and conifers
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Happy Halloween! No one came down the long dirt drive. Not a single trick-or-treater. The world has changed so much. Now November begins. The winds were fierce today. The larches glow golden in the brief moments when the sun strikes them. Mostly the sun is obscured by heavy layers of cloud.
I have been reading Rumor Verified, a book of Robert Penn Warren's poems from 1980. They are quite strong and quite emotional, almost too much so for my present mood. But the the language, sound, structure and vocablulary are peerless. I have finished getting all the books here into Librarything, and feel quite virtuous, as if it were much of an accomplishment. I enjoy playing with the data. Did I tell you about Listsofbests.com? It is a great site, too, and lets you check off lists of books you have read and make comparisons. I've read a lot of Newberry Medal winners, but by no means all of them. I'm pretty poor on the Pulitzers, though. Better on the classics. I also found a list of great blogs and will look at a couple each day. I want to improve this one, but not with sound, video or things that jiggle. It's a work in progress, and still in search of a purpose.

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