Saturday, October 28, 2006


PICT0009 nik ir
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This is a nice effect, I think. Nik Infrared filter for Photoshop. Tonight there is a big wind and the golden leaves that were on this tree two days ago have flown. The chickadees are very busy carrying away the black sunflower seeds, and two pairs of woodpeckers have really eaten a lot of suet. The poplars remind me of the row of trees that Monet painted, and that he eventually had to buy to keep them from being cut down for firewood. His, of course, were one of those straight rows that line old French roads, canals and allees. But the shape of the trees and the habit of the leaves and branches are very similar. And some of the paintings have the gold against a blue sky that these had just yesterday. I love trees, the shapes, the twigs, the bark, the leaves. That rustling sound the leaves make. Good night.

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