Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Sunday

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Slow and pleasant. Dogs now asleep on the couch and it's almost time for bed. Pond Hill Farm's conservation easement is now in place. Nice birdwalk yesterday.

Quite a few trees seem to have been taken out here. The woodland is pleasantly open, but none of the trees are very old. We are still working on the contract for our conservation easement and may not get it done this year.

Tonight I followed a link of someone who left a favorite on a picture of mine and found a link of hers to Barack Obama on Flickr. I thought it was some kind of joke. Surely, he doesn't have a Flickr account?? But it looks like he has had one since February. It is filled with really bad photos of rallies and other political events. He is in a lo of the pictures, bleached by camera flash. Etc. There is also a link to a shop for Obama merchandise, like baby sweatshirts and so forth. I loved seeing this silly thing.

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