Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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Late this afternoon about 100 (I swear!) grackles flew over my house from south to north. They lit on the fence in groups, and attacked the feeder in groups of six to eight. This is a feeder that has trouble handling more than 3-4 chickadees at a time. We offer black oil sunflower seeds--suet cakes are at each end. We had a pair of grackles pretty regularly several weeks ago. They can really go through the suet! Recently they've been gone, and I was relieved.

This went on for about half an hour. I have never seen such a congeries of grackles. I've seen the huge fall flocks of blackbirds and starlings. This was very exciting. I did get some pictures, but haven't looked at them yet. I hope at least a few come out.

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