Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Late California Poppies

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At Point Lobos, the tiny autumn blooms of spring and summer wildflowers are a reminder that autumn deepens. Something has gone to seed on the bluffs and made fluffies on a stalk that reminded me of large Q-tips. I don't know the name of the plant, or what the bloom would look like. The trip to California worked out well, except that I should have left a little more leeway to rest and hang out before I came back. Everyone was spectacular at the Haiku Retreat--it was wonbderful to see them--and I heard some fine haiku. Carolyn taught us how to use the Pilot Parallel Pen, a type of cartridge double steel nib pen designed for calligraphy, which turns out to be very useful for quick sketching. It is water-soluble ink, so you can also pull a little blueness out of the black--with a wet brush--for shadows and cloudshadow and other shading. I fell in love with this pen. We had a great deal of fun with all the art supplies at the Retreat which was organized on the theme of keeping travel journals for art, sketching and collage. More to come.

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