Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jolly -- simplified

Jolly Lama -- simplified
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There used to be a barbershop in this tiny shop, now so brightly made yellow. Downtown Alanson, MI, across from the old Post Office. I saw a lot of glowsticks at various evening picnic events this year. I want some . . .
This summer has gone so fast that I am slightly stunned.
Beautiful music, sung in French, now on the radio. Late at night. I am finally getting my spaces cleared and my papers in order so I can work on writing and painting and it is almost time to leave. . .


  1. thank you some much for actually reading the post . . . it really means a lot.
    oh and you didn't annoy me!!!!
    oh and i don't relly care about wat other people think, its myself that i am kinda seeking approval from . . . i am just messed up . . . :-)

  2. Isn't is really wonderful to have people reading about your life? People that you would certainly never meet?

  3. Hey this is the Jolly Lama toy shop owner... I like your blog! I was supprised to see my little shop on the WWW... thank you!