Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching the Wind

I guess I had just as well face that a blog about memory, won't follow any kindof sensible chronology.
When we planned to be here earlier, I signed up for a photography workshop with Monte Nagler, which took place on the very first whole day we were here, July 11th. I had some anxiety about stamina, but managed just fine. He is a really fine photographer; I am especially interested in his black and white landscapes. When we went down to the pier to see the Nina and the Pinta (honest! more about that later.) someone was parasailing with a red sail on the cold, cold waters of Little Traverse Bay. He did and lot of flips and gymnastics-type moves and we all cheered. He only ditched once while I was watching. It was really a spectacular treat! There is so much beauty to photograph around here it almost makes me dizzy!

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