Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our dooryard garden

Our dooryard garden
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Perennials have turned out to be good for us because we are not here all the time. This columbine is one of the "Origami Series" now that I have seen how floriferous they are, and how sturdy, I wouldn't geet any other kind. The daylilys are good, too--we buy them at a local place that has fields of them growing all the time--they pot some up every year, and when they they do, they are sturdy and full of vim. The cobble border is my husband's work. He's in the third year and now is almost all the way around the house. It really does look nice and makes the weeds easier to control. And since my daughter has for many years been taking cobbles out, first from her garden and then her hayfield. we have enough stone. . .

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