Friday, July 31, 2009

Little dancers from Mongolia

Children of the World in Harmony, the 16th annual festival is being held in Petoskey this week. The Kenyan kids got bumped from their flight and didn't make it. But the little troupers from Mongolia were adorable and we were all there with our cameras, as this picture indicates. I didn't get the pictures I hoped for, due to harsh light and poor planning and execution on my part. But I was left in awe of the people who put together this festival, which brings together nearly 400 children from all over the world. They sing and dance in a series of events (this one was a free concert held in a city park) which culminates in a concert of the massed choir. Participants stay in small groups with local families. I pondered what it might mean to each child. And experience like this could actually be life-changing. I'm glad they came here, and I am glad I finally found a parking place.

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