Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A sign in the woods; I never spotted the dog

I thought I had found out how to make these pictures display larger. Alas, things have changed since those directions were written, but a single click on a picture will display it larger in a separate window, which will have to do for now. I wish I had the guts to move to a better blog host, but now that I have readers (!!!) here at Blogspot, I don't want to leave. Blogspot is a free service, did you ever wonder how all these free services pay the electric bills for their server farms?  A Facebook friend was surprised today that Twitter uses what people are interested in on Twitter to agglomerate large chunks of data that may be useful in selling particular-you particular-stuff. She was astonished to find this out!
Yesterday afternoon, I watered the lawn and forgot to turn the water off until after midnight (lawn does look happier today) and things have been going on along like that. A friend's boy has run away with his car, a surfboard, a friend, and a couple of hundred bucks. Age 15. And a teen-aged relative is having a fight with his mom on Facebook. We got our car back today from routine servicing and it coat almost $2000, thanks to a leak in something important. (So that's what that little non-oil dribble on the garage floor was!) My nephew caught me out in a mistake on this blog. And I decided  not to go to Europe in September after all  because my back acts up.
I did have art class today and drew an asparagus spear on toned paper with charcoal.. (Honest!) I could have drawn peanuts in the shell, or a segment of grapefruit, but the asparagus were prettier. Tonight's memory thread:: my mother used to cut up unpeeled oranges into maybe eight pieces. Then we would put the juicy part in our mouths and bite it off the crescent of orange peel. We called this "orange teeth" and it was a family favorite. Speaking of families: on our way home tonight on a lovely low-traffic curving road in front of semi-stalled developing houses, we drove past a rolled up brown-stained diaper which had been dropped on the yellow center line. It seemed careless, to say the least. There wasn't any other trash around.
For a moment of tranquility, here is W. S. Merwin's translation of a poem by Muso Soseki, born 1275 in Japan. It can be found on page 244 of Merwin's East Window; the Asian translations.


Green mountains
                have turned yellow
                   so many times
        the troubles and worries
               of the world of things
                        no longer bother me
            One grain of dust in the eye
                     will render the three worlds
               too small to see
When the mind is still
        the floor where I sit
              is endless space

It's a good night for sleeping, Rest well!    

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