Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At Watercolor Class; we try flowers

Lovely weather today. Pretty soon I can sketch outside. Got the book True Nature by Barbara Bash with the most lovely fresh simple sketchy watercolors in it. Really am enjoying it, but wish the author had not lettered the text. Her lettering is clear, but type is so much easier to read. Hand lettering seems to be coming back in these sorts of books. At least she lettered it herself! Fake hand-lettered typefaces are the worst of both worlds--still hard to read--not really hand done, It reminds me of when they started making Lincoln logs out of PLASTIC! Ruined the whole concept--they were ugly to the touch! I guess I should not mention Turkey Bacon here . . .
The cover of Barbara Bash's book alone was worth it to me.. It's a grove of slender stemmed trees each made with one brush stroke, The trees in back are a lighter gray and the trunks get darker as they come towards the viewer. Then there are scattered early leaves in a variety of fresh greens, made with little dots of the brush. The whole thing might have been done on creamy paper with a slight yellow cast. The book is about solitary cabin retreats she took in each of the four seasons, where she meditated and observed and sketched the woods and fields around her.
There are a lot more people in this watercolor group than in the last one, but there are plenty of table and some very talented people. I met someone else who has ducks in her backyard,

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