Friday, April 05, 2013

Sunset, no evening star

I remember so many things about this end of September (2010) night. S was in the hospital with pneumonia and new atrial fibrillation. After my hospital visit I was driving home down our Michigan two-track toward the sunset. Had to stop the car, because it was so beautiful, like a Thomas Moran painting, or one of the Hudson River School's, or Caspar Friedrich or even JMW Turner! Is it the clouds, really? Or the shapes of trees, or how the yellows modify the blues of the sky at twilight? Twilight is a beautiful word, is it not?  So this photo will always be tied up to me with that anxious time. All is well now, and no fresh health issues obtrude.
I started out tonight without enough idea as to where to go. Now, perhaps, I will be stuck. I have another Bei Dao poem, but have resolved to choose another poet, for variety and so you will have to buy one of his books yourself--I cannot put his whole oeuvre up on the web! Wouldn't be fair!
One of the fun things about keeping a blog is that there is an available widget, Linkwithin, that suggests three others from your blog entries at the bottom of each entry. So I can click on one of the images and go there and re-read a random chunk of my past. It is fun to try to figure out why this machine-language program chooses the three items that it does, and it is also interesting that it generates different items for the same post at different times. Sometimes, it is color (like blue) or season (like winter), but sometimes it is more subtle than that. I love to click on these links and revisit posts that I had forgotten about.
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