Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sheep May Safely Graze, Bach Cantata # 208

For Easter Brunch, we went to the house of this little pig who was safely grazing in his yard as we drove up. As an expensive miniature piglet, he was supposed to reach no more than 20 pounds! He's now past 70. But his family loves him dearly and we always enjoy him, too! This lovely view under the spring-leafing willow caused that music and those words to come into my mind.

If you click the triangle over Bach's mouth below, you will hear the gentle music of his Cantata #208 "Sheep may safely graze," courtesy of YouTube, while you read.

Through the distracting wonders of the Internet, I found this much fuller description of the music of which this is a part. I had thought it was from the Bible, but it was originally a soprano aria from The Hunt Cantata. This great description is from the website of a soprano who performs this music.
And I have not resisted adding this small group of old images which gave me a real feeling for Johann Sebastian Bach, his life and times.
And tomorrow night, back to poetry. Sleep tight!

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