Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Afternoon Idyll; under the willow

I think this will be my resident pair of mallards this summer. The female is my old friend with so much white on her rump. Since that is distinctive, she is the only one I can tell from all the other females. All the drakes look exactly alike. The photographs haven't been very good lately (and I was about to give up) but I had forgotten about spring light and the way the willow withes are reflected in the water. And ripples. I was right by the edge of the stream, sitting in one of those plastic Adirondack chairs which seem like such a funny item to me--so plastic, when the old splintery ones of my childhood were wood and sometimes were actually in the Adirondacks. I suppose because I have been feeding these ducks they let me sit around and take pictures. They don't like it if I pick up something long, like a stick, the hook the birdfeeder hangs from, or a broom or rake. So a tripod is probably out ot the question. But Just-Me seems to be OK, So now I'm all charged up; surely the world needs more duck pictures?
I am pretty excited because a book of Bei Dao's essays came today and I'm looking forward to his thought on the page. Can't quote anything yet, And now I have to go and do some homework for my sketching class. . . .
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