Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Father's Portrait Pedigree

My brother Dave, who is the family genealogist, recently found this picture pedigree
of my father's ancestors in our rich hoard of family papers.
The large inset family photograph is our family in 1953 
when my mother was chosen Mother of the Year for Schenectady County. 
I am at upper right.

a house for the spring
there is nothing more here but
 whatever is is


I know nothing more about the haiku poet Sodo, 
than that Cid Corman selected this single haiku by this poet
for inclusion in his book:

LITTLE ENOUGH; 49 Haiku by Basho, Sodo,
Ransetsu, Buson, Ryokan, Issa, Shiki,
and a tanka by Sokan, versions by Cid Corman,
Gnomon Press. 1991, #19.

Still, I think it is mysterious and lovely.

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