Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Shifting Image

Light on the pool where I went for Senior Water Exercise. It changed moment by moment.
I only took a couple of pictures, and wish now I had taken others. 
I like the lines within the shapes. I like the shapes.

Wind and Water and Stone

The water hollowed the stone,
the wind dispersed the water,
the stone stopped the wind.
Water and wind and stone.

The wind sculpted the stone,
the stone is a cup of water,
The water runs off and is wind.
Stone and wind and water.

The wind sings in its turnings,
the water murmurs as it goes,
the motionless stone is quiet.
Wind and water and stone.

One is the other and is neither:
among their empty names
they pass and disappear,
water and stone and wind.

Octavio Paz
translated from the Spanish by Mark Strand

Now and Then; the Poet's Choice Columns, 1997-2000 
by Robert Hass, Shoemaker & Hoard, 2007, page 50.

This poem's structure contributes to its lovely calm feeling.
Four regular quatrains made up of three-stress lines contribute to its even tenor.

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