Friday, May 08, 2015

To Mountains

Many years ago, a couple of my brothers and I took our mother
on a trip up Prove Canyon. Now, Mom is gone and Robert, 
my youngest brother, also It was a beautiful sunny day
and the pictures came out well. 
Because they are so clear and sharp, I remember that day
better than those on which I took no pictures.

I am going through Robert Hass's book of poetry columns again,
This one is called Poet's Choice and came out in 2007.
This time, I am noticing things that didn't register before.
Here, from page 15, is one of Ko Un's poems in translation.

To mountains at dusk:
What are you?

What are you, are you . . .

Ko Un

translated by Kim Young Moo and
Brother Anthony
in Beyond Self; 108 Korean Zen Poems,
Parallax Press, 1988

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