Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nature's Blues and Greens.

View of the sky over the park on today's Daily Walk. 
It was still hot today, but not too hot--as it has been--to take a walk.
Now it is 10:30 at night and someone just began setting off firecrackers
across the creek. But our old dog is deaf and continues to nap.
We had another of those brief and violent wind-and-rain events late this afternoon.
And many families of ducklings visited for a cracked corn snack before that.
We Netflixed the movie Champs at our son's place. It was very interesting
and very depressing, too, to think about the lives of ghetto boys
 and incarcerated young men. There has to be a better system.


The sky began to tilt,
a shift of light toward the higher clouds,
so I seized my brush
and dipped my little cup in the stream,

but once I streaked the paper gray
with a hint of green,
water began to slide down the page,
rivulets looking for a river.

And again, I was too late -
then the sky made another turn,
this time as if to face a mirror
held in the outstretched arm of a god.

Billy Collins
Aimless Love; new and selected poems,
Random House, 2014.

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