Tuesday, July 07, 2015

so much surprising . . .

My two youngest grandchildren during their visit last month;
being modern children, they are looking at an electronic device.
I never ask them to smile for the camera, so I get images like this one!

leaving their cocoons
open their eyes
to so much surprising 

--Ed Bremson

from The Best of the Five Line Poems 2012,
edited by Ed Bremson, Kindle location 17.

This is a small book of  selected 5-line poems 
which were posted
on the Facebook Groups
"Five Line Poems" and 
"Tanka Poets on Site" in 2012, and offered 
as an Amazon Kindle Book for 99 cents.

If you like short form poems and enjoy writing haiku
or other examples, you might like tanka, too.
This small collection makes a good introduction,
and may inspire you to write some of your own.

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