Wednesday, July 08, 2015

When it rains, sometimes it pours

I don't suppose summer hear is gone forever after this first week in July,
but today's heavy afternoon shower was a huge relief to my garden.
The pale soft landscape across the creek reminds me 
of an English landscape painting by Constable.
All it needs is a cathedral in the distance.
A while later, I noticed that the creek was running deeper.

Is it showering?
A muddy cat is asleep
on a Buddhist sutra.

Natsume Soseki

This author is regarded as one 
of the greatest Japanese modern writers. 
His novel I Am a Cat has been translated and is delightful!
His face was on the 1000 yen bill from 1984-2004; 
I brought one back with me from Japan.
How I wish we had writers on some of our currency!

Modern Japanese Haiku; An Anthology,
compiled, translated and with an introduction by Makoto Ueda, 
page 39.

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