Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunlight on Lace

A back-lit Queen Anne's Lace from Michigan last year.
And the road home. . .

                    --- From the Nahuatl

What have you set in motion, Giver of Life?
A dark time, close-by and coming?
A hard-luck day I won't survive?

Even after my time
there will be spring flowers.
Even after my time fragrant blossoms 

will open---
field after field of marigolds
countless sun-bright petals . . .

Peter Everwine

Listening Long and Late
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013, page 8.

Peter Everwine is a recent discovery, through one of his poems in a Robert Hass collection of newspaper columns. In this book, he mingles his own poems and prose poems with his versions of Hebrew and Nahuatl poems. It makes a very pleasant and surprising reading experience.

Look at the shape of this poem: Three three-line stanzas,
with lines of varying lengths. I want to try something similar.

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