Thursday, July 16, 2015

This Duckling Summer

The camera keeps focusing on the porch railing, and thus the ducklings
are not in sharp focus. These are from the Set of Five mallard babies.
There is a younger Set of Two, and many adolescent wood ducks, perhaps
the remnants of the Set of Thirteen. And other younger wood ducks, too.
Every night I put out about a quart of cracked corn scattered
in the grass; in the early morning, some of them will visit to check.
If I were to go out to take a picture,they would all run or fly away.
Watching them through the window is my favorite thing that is happening right now.

peeping, peeping
the lost ducklings wake
through the shadows

Ebba Story

How to Haiku: A Writer's Guide to Haiku and Related Forms,
Bruce Ross, Tuttle, 2014, page 148.

spring rain--
ducks waddle-waddle
to the gate

translation by David Lanoue
from his website:

Eat vegetable soup rather than duck stew.

From Basho's instructions on writing hokku,
"Learn from the Pine"
as it appears in 
The Essential Haiku by Robert Hass, 
Ecco, 1994, page 238.

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