Friday, January 04, 2008

Size of Needles

Size of Needles
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My son loves old technology, and things made of metal, rather than plastic and circuitry. So do I. He rescued this fine old sewing machine at a garage sale, then used a burnishing tool to polish this plate mounted on it.. I used to sew all my clothes and those of my children. It saved a lot of money. The way things are now, it is cheaper to buy the clothes already made. But I felt like I owned, and valued more, clothes I made myself. I used the number eleven needle, right in the middle. I took a great deal of pride in being able to cut children's clothes out from leftover yardage, or slightly used clothing. I still have a lot of thread and yardage, and several small boxes of buttons that I will most probably never use. But I have given away the polyester yarn from mu unsuccessful 70's attempt to crochet an afghan. . .

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  1. My mom has sewn us clothes, too, when I was a child. It was a black Singer machine with golden lining. Very pre-war. As for lunch, I will make ratatouille for the kids. W.