Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wash your hands

Wash your hands
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This is what you should do before you have lunch! Someone whose blog is in Polish has been commenting on my blog, but, aside from the fact that this person likes haiku, I can't think how to comment back! Perhaps with a haiku:

goldfish swim in circles—
his stock certificates
have lost half their worth

Tonight on Book TV, the author of the splendid map book, Cartographia, took us thorugh the seven years that the research for the book took him and through the Library of Congress Map Collections. Later, looking at the Library website, I saw two paintings and this description: Two pendentive [Architecture. A triangular section of vaulting between the rim of a dome and each adjacent pair of the arches that support it.] paintings by Edward J. Holslag are displayed from the Librarian's Room (Librarian's Ceremonial Office) located in the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. On the left, "Efficiunt clarum studio" (Study, the watchword of fame); on the right, "Dulce ante omnia musae" (The Muses, above all things, delightful).
This is so wonderfully true and so far from our age (or even from the age of Elvis!) that it pleased me very much. I was glad to learn the word for the little pieces of triangular real estate in a dome, I agree that studying is good, even if you don['t make it to fame (or maybe better if you do not) and I will definitely vote for the Muses who support both poetry and haiku, and I am sure would support photography, too, had it been invented in Ancient Greece. Good night.

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  1. June, I did not mean to intrude in the subject matter of your blog entries. When I read your Goldfish haiku, first I thought to reply,

    cracking wit:
    passing water

    But then, your view of the world is so refreshing, please feel what I feel when reading your blog,

    a big black iris,
    and objective

    --Huh, I've surpassed myself, there's so many layers. :oP