Sunday, April 27, 2008

Folding stool for travel painting

Actually, it is not as large as it looks in this photo. Because of the chain and the cross-bracing, it is quite strong. VERY low, though, and the seat is VERY small. Perhaps it will be useful in Greece, I have been practicing sitting down and getting up without anything to hang onto. And I can actually do it; but I haven't painted anything yet while sitting there.
I like the sun-glints in this photo.
I have been meaning to mention the Daily Dose of Imagery at One can sign up for a new photo in your inbox every day at his web site; or just go there frequently and look. I enjoy getting them. The gorgeously sharp and well-conceived photos he takes with his wide-angle lens almost never fail to hit the mark. He sees things that you might never notice and frames them perfectly. He's won quite a few prizes as the best photo site on the web! Check it out!

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  1. The folding stool is unusual in design, but I can tell it's sturdy. I find your photo interesting. Juile