Monday, April 14, 2008

Red building in the fog

Red building in the fog
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This quite shows the power of complementary colors! Plus I love the yellow-green of the new leaves on the nearest tree behind the building. I saw this coming home from the meeting with the people who are going on the trip to Greece. We had a potluck in the studio of the artist who is leading the trip. Swell time; I'm very encouraged, even though it will be a physical challenge (walking, wrassling luggage onto and off of ferries) I stand to get to see a lot, take lots of pictures, draw and paint, write haiku and just genrally have an exhausting blast. Tonight, oil wen to $129 a barrel, which is an all-time record. What will become of us??
Tonight, a lot about Whitman's "barbaric yawp" on American Masters. Large doses of Walt are almost overpowering, but the beauty and originality of many of his sentences and phrases lingers with me now,

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