Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mona's Refrigerator Rolls

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My husband' only sister was named Mona. For many years, she and her husband ran Bob's Cafe in Grace, Idaho She was well known for NOT sharing her recipes--I never got the one for homemade sweet mustard. She said guys came into the cafe for that mustard, and if their wives could make it at home, she and Bob would lose business. There is even a story, possibly apocryphal, that she gave a recipe to an insistent person once--with an inportant ingredienty left out.
She did give me this recipe, though, and I copied it into a steno notebook that has other recipes of that era. either written in, or clipped and pasted. The handwriting is recognizably mine; my handwriting still looks very much like this.This page is the dirtiest in the notebook, and testifies to the many times I have made it. It also demonstrates what 50 years will do to paper that is not acid-free. This notebook, and the Betty Crocker that was a wedding gift got us through our first few years of wedded life. Kraft's Macaronit and Cheese Dinner was 11 cents at the PX in Lawton, Oklahoma. My husband was drafted into an artillery unit there right after we were married, I served this mac and cheese with frozen peas about once a week; 'twas a very thrifty meal. Said husband gently explained to me that he was tired of it, adn would like just a bit more variety.
I got the notebook out today to cpoy the recipe for my niece, Ekaterina, who is getting married soon. I can't go to her kitchen shower, but I will send this, my best recipe. I will write clearer directions about punching down the dough in the morning and how to bake. I am at an age where daughter-in-laws cook Thanksgivng Dinner for me, but I still usually make these rolls.

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  1. Your yellowed recipe evokes nostalgia. I remember being reprimanded for slamming the door while my mom was baking a cake from scratch. I cherish those memories. Thanks for the memory. Julie